About ClinITech

With over 9 years providing I.T. services to GPs and Medical Clinics across Melbourne through our company, BoxTech Pty Ltd, we have founded ClinITech to help move Health care providers to Cloud services.

ClinITech Cloud Services are specifically tailored to the needs of the Health care industry. Our security, backups and procedures are all compliant with Australian accreditation standards and our Cloud servers are all based locally, in Melbourne.

Using our years of experience, from helping clinics move to paperless offices in the early days, to preparing clinics for accreditation and building up new clinics from scratch, we can help you quickly and easily move all your I.T. operations to our Cloud servers and save you the cost and hassle of maintaining your own infrastructure.

For those opening entirely new clinics, Cloud solutions are easily the best option. Lower upfront costs, no servers, racks, complex networking. You just need an Internet connection and some workstations and everything else happens on our end! Further, we can help you with all your on-site setup as well, to ensure you have no I.T. difficulties at any point in your operations.